How to Make Breakfast

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How to make breakfast? Over the years, I’ve gone from a high-starch, lowfat breakfast sensiblility to one that basically eliminates carbs from my first meal of the day.

I’ll be sharing tips for how to make the satisfying, low-carb breakfasts that keep me going for hours and hours as this website develops.

Breakfast on the Grill

Here’s a breakfast article I wrote years ago for Madison Magazine — before my low-carb, high-fat awakening. I modified it a little bit here, but I left it almost as originally written. I must admit I was startled to see how enthusiastic I was at the notion of unbuttered toast, especially at breakfast!

Avocado Shake/Avocado Smoothie

This breakfast-in-a-glass provides only 16 g net carbs, and plenty of protein and natural fat.


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Breakfast on the Grill

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