Cookbook: Cooking With Vesna

It’s here! The first cookbook in the “How To Cook With Vesna” series.

Cooking With Vesna: the ebook cookbook
Cooking With Vesna

In this very special cookbook, you’ll get decades worth of great recipes I’ve collected and perfected from all different points along my lifelong whole foods cooking journey, from vegetarianism and Macrobiotics to low-carb/paleo living. And some great home-baked sweets and treats just for fun! Here’s just a sampling:

  • Simple Tuna Salad. Lunch in 90 seconds — or make the complicated version, and take three minutes instead!
  • Falafel. The only item in the cookbook that uses a mix, but with an easy, dollar-stretching twist that you won’t find on the box!
  • Homemade Salad Dressing. Made from whatever healthful oils you choose, and so easy!
  • Scrumptious Moussaka. That cheesy, custardy, mysteriously fragrant, baked eggplant dish that costs plenty at a Greek restaurant.
  • Southern Pecan Pie. You’ll never buy one loaded with artificial ingredients after you try this simple, delectable delicacy.
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes. Grown-ups and kids alike will love this wholesome, fiber-rich side dish made with just a sliver of the sugar in conventional recipes.


Vesna of Cooking With Vesna: the ebook cookbook“I believe cooking is one of those things that makes humans special — like music and language. Learn to cook whole foods from scratch with traditional methods, and you learn to live. Plus, cooking is the easiest way to get something really good to eat.”
— Vesna

Discover a life in cooking.

I’m Vesna Vuynovich Kovach, a published food writer and the founder of

I’ve opened my vault! I’ve stayed up nights for you, transcribing unique, painstakingly developed gems from my tattered, bursting-at-the-binding recipe notebook into this one-of-a-kind cookbook. Why? Because I don’t believe in secret recipes — I believe in spreading the good word of great cooking.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a kitchen beginner, you’ll find plenty to love in this whole-foods oriented cookbook loaded with recipes, tips and stories. From perfect brown rice to super-simple tuna salad, from homemade salad dressing to soup stock, this cookbook is a diverse and eclectic selection that encompasses a variety of styles and items – which is another way to say that it’s a glorious hodgepodge of this and that.


Did you know that…

You’ve been throwing away a precious food ingredient.

Make your home cooking better — free!
Most people throw away this item. Instead, you can use it to unlock the secret of umami — Japanese for “the taste of tastiness” — that professional restaurant chefs learn to create in culinary school. And never spend a penny on soup stock again.

This is why your homemade French fries are greasy and soggy.

Make great fries directly from real potatoes!
If you’ve eaten organic farmer’s market or garden potatoes, you know how indescribably better they are. But if you don’t know this Belgian secret, your home-sliced potatoes won’t turn into crispy French fries like the ones from your grocer’s freezer do.

If you do this even once, you’ll wreck your brown rice.

Perfectly fluffy brown rice doesn’t require a cooker.
Most recipes tell you to do certain things that are guaranteed to make your rice lie wet and flat on the plate. The trick is knowing how to make use of the intricate network of steam tunnels that form naturally.

You’re paying 20x too much for tortilla chips.

Restaurant-quality chips are ridiculously cheap!
Imagine serving a basket of warm, freshly made, crispy tortilla chips with your own homemade salsa. And that a few pennies’ worth of them would fill one of the bags you used to buy at the convenience store.

Inside this cookbook you’ll discover…

  • How to make perfect pancakes from scratch, with or without buttermilk
  • How to make salsa and guacamole from fresh, wholesome ingredients
  • The only pie (and quiche) crust recipe you’ll ever need, and the secret to rolling them out flaky and tender every time
  • How to make cornbread without a speck of wheat flour
  • How to make perfect Indian dhal

Act now!


Cooking With Vesna: the ebook cookbookCooking With Vesna isn’t arranged like a traditional cookbook. It’s arranged in the order I think you’ll find most useful, and fun to peruse.

Here are the sections you’ll find in the Table of Contents:

Deeply DIY: Hard-boiled eggs. Pasta sauce. Chicken stock and beef stock. Even homemade tofu and soy milk, starting right from a few handfuls of soybeans!

Comfort Food: From my husband’s Ukrainian grandma’s cabbage rolls to fluffy buttermilk pancakes, these foods just make you feel good.

Ps & Qs: Pies and quiches and crusts, including the definitive rolled crust recipe and method.

Salads: Crunchy green salad goes great with homemade salad dressing. How about a shrimp salad, or some zingy kamut tabouli?

Party Time: Here’s where you learn to make those homemade tortilla chips, and put them to use with some authentic Mexican-American salsa, guacamole and even pineapple salsa.

Sweets and Treats: A few sweet goodies wrap up the collection.

Great Price!

Cooking With Vesna the ebook cookbook is available right now for only $5.99. And it even comes with a moneyback guarantee. Nothing to lose, practically nothing to pay, but so much to gain. You could be learning some great new recipes and cooking them up within minutes.

You get instant access to Cooking With Vesna in under 10 minutes through a safe and secure transaction. Right after your order is approved (usually in seconds), you will be able to download the cookbook immediately. It’s that easy. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for days or even weeks until the mail carrier brings your package.

Download your copy of Cooking With Vesna the ebook cookbook now for only $5.99, and begin your journey to fun cooking in your own kitchen. Cooking With Vesna is available in two formats: (1) A PDF file that you read immediately on your computer.(2) A Kindle book that you read immediately on your Kindle device, or, using Kindle’s free reading app, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Just $5.99!

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